Developement of a C++ reactive software module in a many-core system on chip

Art der Arbeit: Hiwi-Job
Ansprechpartner: Thawra Kadeed
Status der Arbeit: offen

Task explanation

The autonomous driving systems must be highly reliable and guarantee suffient functionality
under platorm errors, high power consumpton, aging and degradaton to meet the ISO 26262 safety

Platorms and their components must be fail-operatonal, i.e., must be able to continue
driving, instead of fail-safe, as today. Degradation leading to risk of failure must be detected and
communicated early to react and reconfigure before hazards might occur.


The task involves developing a C++ software module running on a safety critical systems.
Very challenging module, able to control the system under catastrophic changes, providing such called self-awareness system on chip

The software module will be utilized in a research project with international partners.


Knowledge requirments:

  • programming language: C++ (Good Knowledge)
  • scripting language:        Python
  • Real Time operating systems: basic knowledge 
  • Linux experience:                   basic knowledge                    


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