Name: Advanced Computer Architecture
Type: Lecture
Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Ernst,
Dr.-Ing. Adam Kostrzewa,
Leonie Köhler, geb. Ahrendts
Term: Winter term
Date: WS 2020/21, Beginn: 21.10.2020
Mittwoch, 13:15-14:45 + 15:00-15:45 h,
Semester hours: 2+1
Examination type: oral

ACA - Lecture and exercises as virtual class

This winter semester, Advanced Computer Architecture will take place as a virtual course in various teaching formats.

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At the end of the appointment, there is a question and answer session in which questions about the lecture are discussed via online conference. Exercises are also held via online conference.

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The kick-off event takes place on 21.10.2020 at 14:00 digital.
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Lecture Content

The lecture deals with mechanisms of current processor architectures, based on the basics offered in the lecture Computer Architecture 1.

Topics covered:

  •     Instruction level parallelism
    •     Superscalar architectures, vector and graphics processors (GP-GPUs)
  •     Thread level parallelsim
    •     Multithreading
    •     Programming models
  •     Multiprocessors
    •  Organizational Principles
  •  Cache Coherence
    •  DMA-based architectures
    •   Hardware mechanisms for scheduling and communication
    •   Synchronization, Transactional Memory, ...
  •     Communication in multiprocessors
    •   Principles, Topologies, Protocols, On-Chip Networks



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